Brass Bottle Opener - Eclipse

$32 $40
DESIGNER Masanori Oji
PLACE Takaoka, Toyama prefecture
PROCESS Takaoka Brass Ware
DIMENSIONS 3"x2.3"xH0.2" (77.5mm×60mm×h6mm)

The Eclipse Brass Bottle Opener is a practical kitchen tool and a beautifully crafted object of art, the shape of which is inspired by the sky. It is a collaboration between product designer Masanori Oji and one of the oldest brassware manufacturers in Japan, Futagami. Futagami has been producing handcrafted brass and bronze items for over 100 years in Toyama prefecture. The Eclipse Bottle Opener is made from cast solid brass and its surface has a primitive texture and a hint of polish. As you use it over the years, it will gain a refined and antique look.

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