Marukawa Shoooten

SHIMAKO Placemat Stripe Series 03

$9 $18
DESIGNER Tatsuya Marukawa
MATERIAL 100% Cotton
PLACE Mie Prefecture
PROCESS MATSUSAKA Indigo Dyeing Cotton
DIMENSIONS W15" X H12" (W38cm x 30cm)

The Shimako placemat is made out of a special cotton called Matsusaka Momen (Japanese Indigo cotton). The manufacturing process is also known as Matsusaka Momen (Japanese Indigo Dyeing), and produces great quality cotton fabric. Marukawa Shoooten is the only factory remaining today that produces it. The history behind this fabric will make your dining table very special.

Care Instructions:
-Each product may come in a slightly different size because they are all handmade.
-Washing may transfer color to other things.

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