Roti Stew Pot - Black

$43 $86
MATERIAL heat resistant ceramics
PLACE Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture
PROCESS Yokkaichi Banko Ceramic Ware
∅9.3” x H6.7” (∅235mm×H170mm)

This unique stew pot has both modern and traditional elements. It is produced by 4th-market and made in the city Yokkaichi, which has been home to a distinctive traditional ceramic technique, called Yokkaichi Banko, for more than 270 years. Roti Stew Pot is designed to withstand direct contact with heat and is great for use on stovetop, especially on open flame. It’s perfect for slow-cooking stews and lets you cook on the stove and serve directly to the dining table. It is practical and fun and requires less cleanup.

Care Instructions:
-Stovetop, Oven and microwave safe.
-Do not heat when it’s empty.
-Do not use for deep frying.
-Avoid using dishwasher. Hand-wash only. Wipe immediately with a soft cloth.
-Do not leave the product to soak in water for a long time.
-To clean, use a soft sponge or cloth. Avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads, harsh detergents or abrasive cleansers. -Do not touch the product when it’s hot. Use a kitchen glove or pot holder to avoid burning yourself.

Prior to use, it is recommended to do the following:
1. Rinse inside with water and dry well.
2. Fill with water and add 1-2 tablespoons of flour or starch and boil.
3. Once boiled, let it cool down and pour it out. Then proceed to cooking.
This needs to be done only once before the very first use.
The starch will create a seal over the surface and prevent leaking or staining.

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