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Four artisans started the brand of 4th-market in 2005. The artisans each had specialized skills and used to compete against each other in the ceramics industry. When consumers began seeking cheaper products, high quality products made by artisans started to gradually fade out from the market. They were determined to maintain the high quality of Yokkaichi Banko Ceramic Ware and support their local industry, and decided to help each other, rather than trying to survive separately. 4th-market was created by these four artisans and their brand was named after the city of Yokkaichi (which means “market on the 4th day”)
Minimalism is a perfect word to describe the style of 4th-market. Within simplicity, a sense of warmth of human touch is subtly added to the overall refined look of the products. 4th-market’s mission is not only to help their local ceramic industry thrive, but also to make everyday life special and create kitchenware that is loved every day.

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