Tetra Coffee Dripper - Stainless Steel

MATERIAL Stainless steel
PLACE Hokkaido prefecture
DIMENSIONS folded size: 5.2x3.5x0.3 (132x90x0.9mm)
Capacity Up to 3 cups
Weight 1.4oz (40g)
Paper filter Cone style filter


This foldable stainless steel coffee dripper is easy to carry and easy to assemble.  

(read or watch instructions before using)

Tetra Coffee Dripper is made by the owner of Munieq who is an outdoor enthusiast and a coffee geek in Hokkaido. This small and foldable coffee dripper is perfect for camping or other outdoor recreational activities.

The geometric shape is a perfect modern accent for your kitchen or dining room.

How to assemble (see images)Insert one piece to the hole.

  • Inset from the bottom to top, slightly bend it into the hole (No force is needed to insert, the edges are very sharp)
  • Repeat two more times to complete

How to disassemble

  • Slightly bend it out the hole and remove the piece (No force is needed to remove, the edges are very sharp)
  • Repeat two more times to disassemble

For more details, see the video below.

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