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Hasami Porcelain


"Hasami Yaki" (Hasami Porcelain)
Hasami Yaki is pottery made in Hasami town, Nagasaki prefecture. Hasami Yaki is distributed all over Japan, with dining ware especially popular in most households. The origin of Hasami Yaki dates back 400 years ago. Porcelain was regarded as a luxury at that time, when Hasami town began producing porcelain at reasonable prices for most consumers. One of the reasons Hasami Yaki became successful is because of the production system that was set up within Hasami town. A group of artisans was responsible for each step in the process, such as mixing, forming, firing and glazing, and each was an expert in their field. This traditional system is carried on to this day to ensure the highest quality of porcelain.


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