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Masanori Oji


Masanori Oji is a Hiroshima-born, Tokyo-based product designer. He studied Architecture and worked mainly as a graphic designer in his early career. Then he decided to shift his career towards product design. After he set up his own design company “Oji & Design” in 2004, he began collaborating with different makers to design household products. He has designed products with different materials, such as wood, glass, ceramics and brass.
Masanori Oji met with Toshihiro Futagami when he was learning brass casting at a workshop and decided to collaborate with him to create household brass goods. This collaboration turned into his beautiful “Futagami Brass Household Series”.
His design stays modern and minimal, yet, according to Masanori, always practical, because he listens to both the one who makes and the one who uses.

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