Donut Coffee Dripper - Black

DESIGNER Takayuki Nakabayashi
MATERIAL White ash wood ring and a porcelain filter holder
PLACE Kanagawa prefecture
DIMENSIONS Porcelin:W90mm×D90mm×H100mm (W3.5” x D3.5” x H3.9”) / wood ring:W110mm×D110mm×H10mm (W4.3” x D4.3” x H0.3”)

Donut Coffee Dripper is the most elegant single-cup drip coffee solution for the pour over enthusiasts. It is designed by Takayuki Nakamura, from Torch company. Donut Coffee Dripper consists of a simple white ash wood ring and a porcelain filter holder. The shape of the holder cone is tall and deep with stepped rings on the inside. This makes the water take a longer path through the coffee for maximum flavor extraction. The dripper is designed to make up to 3 cups of coffee. Just place the ring on a mug or other brewing vessel and insert the holder. Then add ground coffee beans and make your drip coffee. Here is the instructions on how to use Donut Coffee Dripper to drip coffee. The set includes a porcelain pour-over cup and an ash wood ring. Filters are not included. The porcelain Donut Coffee Dripper is available in black or white.

Care Instructions:
- Dishwasher safe
- Do not use directly on fire or stove.

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