Hasami Porcelain Block Mug - Teal

DESIGNER Kyohei Baba
MATERIAL Porcelain
PLACE Hasami, Nagasaki prefecture
PROCESS Hasami Porcelain
DIMENSIONS W4.1" x H3.7" x D3.3" (W105mm x H95mm x D85mm / 300cc)

This simple and beautiful porcelain mug is from Hasami town, Nagasaki prefecture, famous for Hasami Yaki (porcelain). The color and the stackable feature of this mug are iconic of the Hasami brand. It also has a retro touch. The Block Mug is meant for everyday use and is very sturdy. If you have a few or more, you can stack them to organize your kitchen storage and mix and match the colors for a unique look. It can hold up to 10 oz (300 cc)

Care Instructions:
- Dishwasher, microwave safe
- Do not use directly on fire or stove.

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