Shirayuki Fabric

Lattice Pattern Kitchen Cloth - White


This cloth is constructed from fine net screens, so it dries fast, can be kept sanitized and lasts longer. It is perfect for drying dishes, drying veggies, steaming, wrapping anything you like, or for use in home decor.

Nara Sarashi, Mosquito Netting
MATERIAL Cotton 15% Rayon 35%  Hemp 15%
PLACE Nara prefecture
DIMENSIONS 22" x 22" (57cm×57cm)


Washing the cloth for the second time ->

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash in warm water (40°C / 104°F) before the first use to remove starch.
  • After washing, it is natural for the towels to shrink. 
  • Avoid tumble dry.
  • Hang or lie flat to dry

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